University of Limerick – CAO

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CAO and Third Level

Courses offered in following subject areas;

Arts and Humanities, Built Environment, Business and Accounting, Computers and IT Training, Counselling and Psychology, Education, Engineering, Environmental, Fitness and Health, Languages, Legal, Literature and Journalism, Management, Mathematical Sciences, Media, Art and Design, Medical and Healthcare, Music and Sound Engineering, Science, Social Studies

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Courses available

LM 020 – Law and Accounting
LM 022 – Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations
LM 029 – Bachelor of Laws (Law Plus)
LM 030 – Bachelor of Arts in Irish Music and Dance
LM 031 – Bachelor of Arts in Voice and Dance
LM 032 – Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours)
LM 033 – Bachelor of Arts in New Media and English
LM 035 – Bachelor of Arts in English and History
LM 036 – Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology Honours Bachelor Degree
LM 037 – Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematical Sciences
LM 038 – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology
LM 039 – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and New Media
LM 040 – Bachelor of Arts in European Studies
LM 041 – Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
LM 044 – Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages
LM 045 – Bachelor of Arts in Languages Literature and Film
LM 046 – Bachelor of Arts in History, Politics, Sociology and Social Studies
LM 048 – Bachelor of Arts Irish and New Media
LM 050 – Business Studies
LM 051 – Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems
LM 052 – Business Studies and a Modern Language (French)
LM 053 – Business Studies and a Modern Language (German)
LM 055 – Business Studies and a Modern Language (Japanese)
LM 058 – Financial Mathematics
LM 060 – Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
LM 061 – Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry
LM 063 – Bachelor of Science in Production Management Honours Bachelor Degree
LM 064 – Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biochemistry
LM 065 – Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
LM 066 – Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
LM 068 – Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Health
LM 071 – Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
LM 073 – Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering
LM 076 – Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Technology
LM 077 – Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering
LM 080 – Bachelor of Science in Electronic Systems
LM 082 – Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering
LM 083 – Bachelor of Science in Mobile Communications and Security
LM 085 – Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
LM 089 – Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Sciences
LM 090 – Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
LM 092 – Bachelor of Science (Education) in Biological Sciences with Physics OR Chemistry
LM 093 – Bachelor of Science in Equine Science
LM 094 – Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Construction Technology
LM 095 – Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Engineering Technology
LM 096 – Bachelor of Science (Education) in Physics AND Chemistry
LM 099 – Bachelor of Architecture
LM 100 – Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
LM 101 – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BM BS) Graduate Entry
LM 102 – Bachelor of Science in Pscyhology
LM 110 – Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Computer Games Development
LM 113 – Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Design
LM 114 – Bachelor of Science in Music, Media and Performance Technology
LM 150 – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (General)
LM 152 – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health)
LM 154 – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
LM 156 – Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
LM 087 – Bachelor of Science in Energy
LM 088 – Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics
LM 115 – Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
LM 116 – Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Choice
LM 117 – Bachelor of Science – Science Choice
LM 155 – Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing (Restricted)
LM 157 – Mature Applicants Midwifery (Restricted)
LM 118 – Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering
LM 056 – Bachelor of Arts in International Business
LM 119 – Bachelor Degree (Honours) Design and Manufacture
LM 180 – Certificate/Diploma in Equine Science