Dublin City University – CAO

Phone number01 700 5000
AddressDublin 9

Course types available

CAO and Third Level

Courses offered in following subject areas;

Arts and Humanities, Business and Accounting, Computers and IT Training, Counselling and Psychology, Education, Engineering, Environmental, Fitness and Health, Health and Safety, Languages, Legal, Literature and Journalism, Mathematical Sciences, Media, Art and Design, Medical and Healthcare, Miscellaneous, Sales, Marketing and PR, Science

Courses offered in following locations;

Dublin, Dublin City

Courses available

DC 111 – Bachelor of Business Studies (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 112 – B.A. in European Business (French) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 113 – B.A. in European Business (German) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 114 – B.A. in European Business (Spanish) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 115 – B.A. in Accounting and Finance (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 116 – B.A. in European Business (Transatlantic Studies) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 118 – Gaeilge (Bachelor Hons)
DC 120 – B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 121 – B.Sc. in Computer Applications (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 126 – BSc Actuarial Mathematics
DC 127 – Common Entry into Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
DC 131 – B.A. in Communication Studies (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 132 – B.A. in Journalism (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 133 – B.Sc. in Multimedia (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 155 – BA in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (Common Entry)
DC 161 – B.Sc. in Analytical Science (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 162 – B.Sc. in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bachelor Honours Degree
DC 166 – B.Sc. in Environmental Science and Health (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 167 – B.Sc. in Physics with Astronomy (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 168 – B.Sc. in Genetics and Cell Biology (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 171 – B.Sc. in Applied Physics (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 173 – B.Sc. in Physics with Biomedical Sciences
DC 181 – B.Sc. in Biotechnology (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 193 – B.Eng. in Mechatronic Engineering (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 195 – B.Eng. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 197 – B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 199 – B.Eng. in Digital Media Engineering (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 200 – Common Entry to Engineering (Undenominated Entry)
DC 201 – Common Entry into Science
DC 202 – B.Sc. in Sport Science and Health (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 203 – B.Sc. in Science Education (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 204 – B.Sc. in Athletic Therapy and Training
DC 205 – BSc in Physical Education with Biology
DC 215 – B.Sc. in Nursing (General) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 216 – B.Sc. in Nursing (Psychiatric) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 217 – B.Sc. in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 218 – B.Sc. in Children’s and General (Integrated) Nursing
DC 225 – Mature Applicants General Nursing (Restricted)
DC 226 – B.Sc. in Nursing (Psychiatric) (Mature Applicants)
DC 227 – B.Sc. in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) (Mature Applicants)
DC 228 – Mature Applicants Children’s and General Nursing (Integrated) (Restricted)
DC 230 – B.A. in Economics, Politics and Law (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 231 – B.A. in International Relations (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 232 – BCL (Law and Society)
DC 235 – BSc in Education and Training
DC 238 – BA in Contemporary Culture and Society
DC 239 – BA Gaeilge agus Iriseoireacht(Irish and Journalism)
DC 240 – BSc in Marketing, Innovation and Technology
DC 117 – Aviation Management / Aviation Management with Pilot Studies
DC 208 – BSc. in Psychology
DC 110 – Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies International
DC 209 – BSc. in Health and Society (Bachelor Honours Degree)
DC 206 – B.A (Hons) Physical Education with Mathematics