Athlone Institute of Technology-CAO

Phone number(0)90 6424400
Address Athlone

Course types available

CAO and Third Level

Courses offered in following subject areas;

Animal Care, Arts and Humanities, Business and Accounting, Childcare, Computers and IT Training, Engineering, Fitness and Health, Hotel and Catering, Legal, Management, Media, Art and Design, Medical and Healthcare, Music and Sound Engineering, Psychology, Science, Travel and Tourism

Courses offered in following locations;


Courses available

AL 601 Higher Certificate in Electronics and Computer Engineering
AL 602 Mechanical Engineering
AL 604 Higher Certificate in Civil Engineering
AL 630 Higher Cert in Science - Pharmacy Technician
AL 631-Higher Certificate in Science in Dental Nursing
AL 632 Higher Certificate in Science (Bioscience/Chemistry)
AL 650 Higher Certificate in Business
AL 651 Higher Certificate in Music and Instrument Technology
AL 652 Higher Certificate in Business in Equine Studies
AL 653 Higher Certificate in Business in Office Management
AL 654 Accounting Technician
AL 657 Bachelor of Science in Computing for Business
AL 660 Higher Certificate in Arts - Culinary Arts
AL 661 Higher Certificate in Arts - Bar Supervision
AL 663 Higher Certificate in Business in Sport and Recreation
AL 701 Engineering Infomatics
AL 710 Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
AL 711 Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy - Bachelor of Engineering
AL 712 Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics
AL 721 Civil Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
AL 730 Bsc in Biotechnology
AL 731 Bsc in Veterinary Nursing
AL 733 BSc in Forensic Toxicology
AL 734 BSc in Pharmaceutical Science (Drug Design and Development)
AL 750 Smart Technology for Business
AL 760 BA in Spa and Wellness Management
AL 761 BA in Hotel and Leisure Management
AL 763 BA in Graphic Design
AL 764 Early Years Care and Education
AL 801 Software Design
AL 820 Mechanical and Polymer Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
AL 830 Bsc in General Nursing
AL 831 Bsc in General Nursing (mature applicants)
AL 832 Bsc in Psychiatric Nursing
AL 833 Bsc in General Nursing (mature applicants)
AL 836 BSc (Hons) in Health Science and Nutrition
AL 837 BSc (Hons) in Sports Science with Exercise Physiology
AL 838 BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology (ab initio)
AL 840 Bsc in Pharmaceutical Science
AL 841 BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy with Rehabilitation
AL 842 Bioveterinary Science
AL 850 Bachelor of Business (Honours)
AL 851 Bachelor of Business and Law (Honours)
AL 852 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting
AL 854 Business Psychology
AL 860 BA in Social Care Practice